Guitars & Attitudes

I am interested in your attitudes about learning the guitar. Different attitudes play a major role in the approaches people take to learning the guitar. So that’s important to me because I spend a lot of time trying to help people learn the guitar. In Thomas Hart Benton’s great Midwestern-impressionist painting “The Music Lesson” a little barefoot country girl is watching intently as a young man in a straw hat and overalls shows her something […]

Across the Tracks

I have been at this quite a long time. ‘Seen some amazing things, heard and was fortunate enough to play a lot of music, wore out a few passports and sets of tires, and generally rode guitar music around all over the place. I’m planning a book that will tell some of the more bizarre stories. The people who did the bizarre stuff should tremble at the prospect; but actually, they don’t need to worry, […]