Gambetta & Crary: On the Road, UK (9 May, 2002)

Back to business and it’s over to Leicester for a concert/workshop for the Taylor Guitar folks and Sheehan Musical Services. Part of the Gambetta/Crary team assignment is to put on these guitar company backed workshop events where we play, meet a lot of other guitar players and try to get out some information on a very important topic: How to teach yourself how to play a musical instrument. Oh, and we talk up the guitars […]

Gambetta & Crary: On the Road, UK (8 May, 2002)

When you last heard from us we were on the way to calendar, via a quick stop at PC world to pick up some adaptors to attempt to connect us with, well… with the world. Mind you, that’s not an unmitigated blessing, that getting connected. Northern Scotland is a place where I want to feel that I’ve gone ‘way far away. It’s a lot of trouble to fly across oceans and continents, so it’s a […]