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Dan Crary 12-String Guitar

World-famous bluegrass and folk musician Dan Crary is known best as an innovator of the flatpicking guitar. While the steel-string guitar was once known strictly as a tool to keep rhythm, Crary elevated it to the soloing and melody instrument that we know today. He’s performed in back-alley saloons, prestigious concert halls, and massive folk festivals all over the world. Now playing solo and in Crary, Evans, and Barnick, his past acts include Sundance, BCH, California and Bluegrass Alliance. His theatrical concert series which illuminated the 3,500-year history of the guitar, Primal Twang, featured Mason Williams, Beppe Gambetta, Albert Lee, Eric Johnson, and Doc Watson.

             Crary, Evans & Barnick shows are new songs and old stories, whistling winds in the pines, rambling boys and tragic girls, fast and furious instrumental tunes, and a little touch of glory-to-God. And it’s the hovering ghosts of Jimmie Rogers and The Carter Family and Bill and Lester and Earl and Woody and all the greats who showed the way. Hear them again for the first time!

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The Latest Rants from Dan

  • God’s Prophet of the guitar: they called him Ernie I discovered guitar music in 1952 on the radio. That jangly, steel-string guitar sound jumped out of my old radio and got my attention, big time. Inc

  • The music that flows freely in our world is essential, necessary, and everywhere. Our music, the exquisite sound, the magical noise, liberated today by technology to ring out everywhere, enriches ever

  • Hey, “He’s baaack!” …as the old saying goes. Actually, ‘been around here all along, but I thought it was time to declare the next chapter. I’ve been working this year with a new lineup of our band, no

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Released in 2011. Songs include I’d Do It Again and Sail Away Ladies.


Perfect Storm – Dan Crary & Thunderation
Renaissance of the Steel String Guitar

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