Gambetta & Crary (Beppe Gambetta & Dan Crary)

Hear Them Again for the First Time

The names BEPPE GAMBETTA and DAN CRARY have been well-known in the global steel-string guitar scene for years. Gambetta is widely recognized as the leading flatpick guitarist of Europe and Crary is one of the founders of the modern flatpicking movement; both artists are veterans of celebrated recordings and international touring. When Gambetta & Crary first joined forces in 1994, the result was one of the most striking and entertaining collaborations in guitar history. Since then they have performed across much of Europe, North America and Australia.

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Today the music of Gambetta & Crary is powerful and virtuosic, also tuneful, accessible, and entertaining. The repertoire combines elements of Gambetta’s Ligurian and European roots with Crary’s celebrated innovations for the American steel-string guitar. The result is a unique fusion of instrumentals and songs that cross all barriers of culture, language and politics. In addition, their 2014-2015 concert season weaves in a few of their best stories of adventures in far countries and along distant roads.

Onstage, these guitar masters have some serious fun together that is infectious and contagious. Audiences invariably get with the fun, and also experience once again why the steel-string guitar has become the universal instrument of human connection and joyfulness in the 21st Century. Your evening with the music and stories of Gambetta & Crary will be a journey across distant frontiers, rich in musical surprises and emotional power, and peppered with European/American Seasonings that are spicy, funny, moving, unforgettable.

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