Crary, Evans & Barnick

Dan Crary is a pioneer of flatpicking guitar solos in a bluegrass band, right up there with founding fathers Doc Watson, Clarence White and Norman Blake in carving a role for the flatpick guitar soloist in bluegrass music. A founding member of the Bluegrass Alliance, and the “newgrass” approach, his 20+ year collaboration with Byron Berline and John Hickman (as BCH and in the bands Sundance & California) earned him numerous awards and accolades. A veteran of tours in more than thirty countries, Dan’s a stylist with an international reputation for taste and brilliance. His “racing licks sounded like the fretboard equivalent of Fred Astaire dancing up, then down a staircase.”(LA Times)

Bill Evans is an internationally loved five-string banjo life force. Whether he’s lending his instrumental chops to a blazing fiddle tune or performing one of his original compositions, Bill is one of contemporary banjo’s treasures. He’s probably the only banjo on earth who has performed with the San Francisco Symphony, on A Prairie Home Companion and with Dan and Wally! He’s at home with traditional and contemporary bluegrass as well as branching out on the farthest musical limbs that Dan and Wally can take him.

Wally Barnick (bass & vocals) describes himself as “principally a singer who some 40 years ago took up playing bass guitar in order to ensure a place in the band.” That strategy has definitely worked for this wonderful singer and instrumentalist, who is at home singing and playing everything from folk and bluegrass to Bakersfield country and even some rock and roll. Wally has performed with many familiar California Americana and bluegrass groups in these past four decades, including the Cache Valley Drifters, Bluegrass, Etc., and The Hay Dudes. His warm vocals and engaging stage presence are a perfect complement to Dan and Bill’s instrumental fireworks.

A Crary, Evans & Barnick show includes new songs and old stories, blazing instrumental artistry, and deep-down, powerfully-felt musical moments. It’s whistling winds in the pines, rambling boys and tragic girls, joys and laughter from old times, furious and foot-tapping instrumental tunes, and a little touch of glory-to-God. And it’s the hovering ghosts of Jimmie Rogers and The Carter Family and Bill and Lester and Earl and Woody and all the greats who showed the way.

Dan Crary & Thunderation

Dan Crary, Steve Spurgin, and Martin Stevens

Dan Crary has rightly earned the title of living legend in the world of flatpick style, steel stringed guitar music. He has been acclaimed, idolized, awarded, and much sought after by guitar affectionados wishing to copy his blazing, powerful technique. There is, however, only one Dan Crary. His ability to create and astound quite simply transports the listener to a place where music impacts the soul. It was certain some time ago that his place in the history of the guitar was securely established.

Steve Spurgin is no stranger to the worldwide folk, Americana and singer-songwriter scene. His resonant voice and unrivaled story songs create lasting musical memories, and he enjoys a well-deserved list of hits, awards and credits.

Martin Stevens already packs a musical wallop.  He has a decade of experience and a substantial reputation in the Pacific northwest. He is destined to become a force to be reckoned with in American roots music.

Dan Crary & Beppe Gambetta

Gambetta and Crary are at the top of their game in a concert of acoustic guitar fireworks.

It is the smile that is the key for reading the musical universe of Beppe Gambetta. An open and disarming smile that is also the contagious and irresistable smile of a person who invites you to a musical journey with light heart and curiosity. The destination, as for any traveler, is not totally defined because it is beautiful, at the very last, to find ourselves where we never would expected to be.
With the horizon's line as a challenge and attraction, Beppe is continually composing his personal mosaic of sounds and flavors. From his unique background as an Italian musician in love with both American roots music as well as the music of his native country, Beppe has traveled the world and even crossed the “Iron Curtain” to dazzle and charm music enthusiasts everywhere. After eleven CDs, DVDs, teaching books and collaborations with many other top-flight musicians, Gambetta is increasingly known as one of the true live master innovators of the acoustic guitar.

Berline, Crary & Hickman

Over the years, Byron Berline, Dan Crary and John Hickman have worked on a number of different projects together. They've worked as a band, played on each other's albums, and branched out with individual projects.

Other Collaborations:
Dan Crary & Don Ross
Men of Steel - Crary * Gambetta * McManus * Ross
California - Berline * Crary * Hickman * Spurgin * Moore