Free Music

The music that flows freely in our world is essential, necessary, and everywhere. Our music, the exquisite sound, the magical noise, liberated today by technology to ring out everywhere, enriches every corner of our lives. The more we share music, the better we are; we could not imagine a world without this inexplicable, gratuitous, extravagant gift to us all.  How “Free” and “Music” go together… Recently a music publishing executive was interviewed on a network […]

“The Next Chapter”

Hey, “He’s baaack!” …as the old saying goes. Actually, ‘been around here all along, but I thought it was time to declare the next chapter. I’ve been working this year with a new lineup of our band, now “Crary, Evans, and Barnick.” Our new guy is Wally Barnick, veteran of the famous West Coast bunch of superpickers known as The Cache Valley Drifters. I’ve known Wally and listened to his eerily beautiful voice since the […]

Guitars & Attitudes

I am interested in your attitudes about learning the guitar. Different attitudes play a major role in the approaches people take to learning the guitar. So that’s important to me because I spend a lot of time trying to help people learn the guitar. In Thomas Hart Benton’s great Midwestern-impressionist painting “The Music Lesson” a little barefoot country girl is watching intently as a young man in a straw hat and overalls shows her something […]


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